Certified Arts Friendly:  Does your business support your arts community?  Then it may be eligible to become Certified Arts Friendly.  Certified Arts Friendly businesses meet Arts Friendly’s high standards for support of your local arts community and support of Arts Friendly Values.  If this is of interest or you want to know more about the benefits of being Certified Arts Friendly, contact Craig Stinson, President, Arts Friendly, at: 910-524-2679 or by email.

The Arts Friendly Profile:  If you or someone you know if an artist, arts professional, or arts advocate, let us know.  We would like to have you for an Arts Friendly Profile.  Send us a photo we can use, your city & state, and link to your web presence by email or message our facebook page at: facebook.com/artsfriendly

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Contact:  Craig Stinson, President, Arts Friendly LLC.  Phone: 910-524-2679 / Email

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