Beale Street Barber Shop in Wilmington, North Carolina


Beale Street Barber Shop / 710 South 17th Street, Wilmington, North Carolina

You have to visit Beale Street Barber Shop.  Don’t worry that you don’t need a haircut.  Go check out what owner Mark Sinnis has created with his Elvis-themed barber shop, art gallery, and live music venue.


Owner Mark Sinnis:


Certification Evidence of Support:  Beale Street Barber Shop supports the arts community by hanging the work of local artists at their location, holding opening receptions for the artists, and promoting their work on their outbound marketing.  In addition, Beale Street Barber Shop serves as a venue for a variety of performing artists.  Beale Street Barber Shop supports the work of

Support for Arts Friendly Values:  Creativity / Vision / Discipline / Bravery / Friendly

Date of Certification:  April 2017