Eclipse Artisan Boutique in Wilmington, North Carolina


Eclipse Artisan Boutique / 203 Racine Dr #101, Wilmington, NC 28403

Eclipse Artisan Boutique is known for its eclectic range of work by local and regional artisans.  Collections include original paintings, custom furniture, sculpture, pottery, glass, jewelry, photography, and textiles.  The never ending array of artisans and goods keeps Eclipse a favorite in Wilmington.



Certification Evidence of Support:  Eclipse Artisan Boutique is dedicated to local and regional artists and artisans and focuses on a wide range of creative endeavors.  Eclipse Artisan Boutique directly assists local artists and the arts economy through their exceptional presentation and service.

Support for Arts Friendly Values:  Creativity / Vision / Discipline / Bravery / Friendly

Date of Certification:  April 2017