The Gallery of Fine Art in Wilmington, NC


Gallery of Fine Art / 964 Inspiration Dr, Wilmington, NC 28405

The Gallery of Fine Art is dedicated to visual artists with local to international renown.  Owners Mike & Cindy Golonka carefully select a complement of artists with diverse sets of skills, so you are bound to find an original work you love.  The Gallery of Fine Art is one of a handful of locations that is authorized to sell work from the estate of Dr. Seuss.


Owners Mike & Cindy Golonka:


Certification Evidence of Support:  In addition to supporting local artists with space in their gallery, owners Mike & Cindy Golonka are involved with numerous other arts causes in Wilmington, dedicating not on their business, but volunteer time to the arts community.  The Gallery of Fine Art supports the work of

Support for Arts Friendly Values:  Creativity / Vision / Discipline / Bravery / Friendly

Date of Certification:  April 2017