MoMentum companies in Wilmington, North Carolina


MoMentum Companies / 103 S Front Street, Wilmington, North Carolina

MoMentum Companies is a fully integrated real estate brokerage and development group. For over two decades, MoMentum Companies has developed projects in the medical, multi-family, retail, hospitality, office and mixed-use sectors.


Arts Friendly Profile of Terry Espy:


Certification Evidence of Support:  MoMentum Companies is invested in the creative economy through their understanding and pursuit in their development projects of an effective complement of businesses that help foster the arts.  In addition, MoMentum Companies makes available space for local visual artists at their office. MoMentum Companies is a supporter of Arts In Wilmington.

Support for Arts Friendly Values:  Creativity / Vision / Discipline / Bravery / Friendly

Date of Certification:  June 4, 2017