The Impractical Pig


The Impractical Pig / Castle Hayne, North Carolina

Based on a farm in Castle Hayne, The Impractical Pig is an online retail site with a whimsical line of products and a dedication to their local artist community.  In addition to their retail offerings, The Impractical Pig dedicates gallery space so local visual artists can have a platform to sell their creative work.  The Impractical Pig is dedicated to serving a global community while having an immediate impact on local artists.  (And, yes, there really is a pig.  His name is Oliver.)



Certification Evidence of Support:  The Impractical Pig is dedicated to promoting the work of local artists through their online sales venue.  The Impractical Pig supports the work of

Support for Arts Friendly Values:  Creativity / Vision / Discipline / Bravery / Friendly

Date of Certification:  July 25, 2017